3 years of experience in Stock exchange and Cryptocurrencies Trading

HYLLAD is an Inter-exchange ECN brokerage company for Stocks and Cryptocurrency trading. What is the secret to Hyllad’s success? We are proud to have one of the most hardworking and passionate teams the world has to offer. Our vision is to create an ecosystem where everybody wins. Hyllad offers universal trading for stocks and the cryptocurrency market. Practical experience in the field of trading since 2019/2020, a huge experience and knowledge, together gave the opportunity to provide an absolutely unique method for earnings, which is unparalleled. Furthermore, checkout 

You’ll find everything from highly professional traders and analysts to auto-trading Signals and Alerts at Hyllad. Learn the new ways of trading stocks and crypto assets in Hyllad, and join the company of the best, right now! Hyllad is a technology-driven financial institution that provides trading advice for professionals and novice traders by helping them make the best decisions in trading. The Hyllad platform was formed with the goal of helping people achieve financial freedom and independence by leveraging the game-changing potential of stocks and cryptocurrencies. For decades, humankind has always been in search of trading opportunities, at some time, the most desirable asset was precious metals, the likes of silver, gold, diamond, landed properties, and other commodities which have been some of the best assets to invest money. However, as the world shifts into a digital economy, stocks and cryptocurrencies are becoming one of the most necessary resources for trading and income generation of our era. In terms of the digital economy, stocks and cryptocurrencies are the best forms of trading online. The growth of the stock market and cryptocurrency market is at an exponential rate and has led people to believe that the future of finance is here. Visit

Hyllad has introduced compliance processes and professional services, docking itself or third-party investment by providing users with trading services leveraging the potential of Stock and Cryptocurrency markets. As an ECN-driven financial institution led by a team of highly experienced financial experts with more than 15 years of combined experience in the stocks and cryptocurrency industry and with our strategy in the short, medium, and long term approach, all portfolios traded and managed in are insured and secured prudently against loss or hack. Our unwavering principles, trading strategies, and client relationships have helped us grow stronger and more widely, and we are well-positioned to be the best compliant and professional ECN trading platform of all time for the digital economy space now and in many years to come.

What are the features that made the BEST?

  1. You have the opportunity to trade the world’s best stocks, shares, and cryptocurrencies with just one click.
  2. Hyllad was created for Expert traders and novices. Once you can spot and follow instructions to buy or sell strong signals, you will always make a profit of up to 1.5% return daily and 45% return monthly.
  3. Set up a Copy trading service and let other members copy your trade, members can follow you too. You can decide the amount to charge for the copy trading service.
  4. Earn up to 20% referral commission by inviting your family and friends to partake in Hyllad trading. Hyllad has 3 levels of referral program, 1st Level 10% ref commission, 2nd Level 5% ref commission, 3rd Level 5% ref commission.
  5. You stand a chance of getting up to $100,000 in cryptocurrency loans by being an active trader on
  6. Internal Transfer from member to member. Deposit and Withdrawal are processed using USDT TRC20. Members also have access to do internal transfers to other members using only member ID numbers.
  7. Earn extra returns up to 100% in 90 days by staking USDT TRC20 into Hyllad programs and progress.

Great features, programs, and progress make stand out as the best Interexchange ECN Trading Platform.

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