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In the past year, the government ruled that people can’t have more than five SIM cards. To make sure of this, they introduced the 668 service. With this service, you could check how many SIM cards were registered in your name. If you had more than five, you had to go to the customer care center of the network to block the extra SIM cards.

How do you check if your sim is verified?

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has made it easy to check your SIM status. Each mobile company has specific codes for CNIC-based SIM checks:

  • Jazz: Send your CNIC Number to 6001
  • Telenor: Send your CNIC Number to 7751
  • Ufone: Dial *336#

PTA also lets you verify SIMs under your CNIC by texting 668 or checking online. Here are the steps to limit the number of SIMs under your name:

Pak Sim Details 2024

Paksimdetails is a website serving people in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It provides SIM information, including the person’s name and mobile tracking in these countries. You can find a person’s location, live location, or address in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. The site also offers details with CNIC and address. It’s a reliable source with a dedicated team managing the database.

Live Tracker is a great website for getting information about numbers with CNIC, names, and addresses. It helps you find mobile location, live location, sim database, sim ownership in 2024, and sim database since 2015. This tool lets you trace any person’s cell phone numbers in Pakistan by Live Tracker, India, and Afghanistan. Enter a mobile number and get all the information with a single click.

Track Mobile Location on Google Maps

Google Maps is a useful tool for finding locations. Anyone with an Android or iOS device can use Google Maps to trace their mobile’s location. You can also find a lost mobile phone using the “Find My Device” option.

What is Pakdata?

Pakdata is a service that simplifies creating, updating, sharing, and tracking data. It allows customers to access the latest content for tracking people’s data in Pakistan. It’s a free and open-source web application related to “paksimdetails.” Pakdata consolidates data from census and local organizations, presenting it through graphs, tables, maps, and pie charts.

LiveTracker Service for Pakdata Tracking

LiveTracker provides comprehensive details for Pakistani and Afghan wireless numbers from 2018 to 2022. It allows searching for Afghan Wireless numbers and getting ownership details. You can check the location of any Pakistan or Afghan number. Pakdata tracking is now easy with LiveTracker.

Sim details Website Service for Finding Pak Data

To find the data of any Pakistan number, “” is a reliable website. It offers services like location tracking, live tracking with the live tracker sim data, person tracker, and number finder. Contact them for information and protect yourself from unwanted calls.

Pak Sim Details Live Location Tracking With

“Paksimdetails” provides good results with additional options. “” offers easy results to locate a person, providing mobile location, a sim database in 2022, and sim ownership in 2024. The app lets you trace any person’s cell phone numbers and call logs. It’s based on pakdata.

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