My ZONG App – Latest Version My ZONG

My ZONG App - Latest Version My ZONG

All Your Needs, Just one Tap Away!

My Zong App offers a number of services ranging from creating your very own profile to browsing a number of Zong packages and bundles categorized as ‘Call,’ ‘SMS,’ and ‘Hybrid’ to help you find what you’re searching for! You can now activate and deactivate your bundles, recharge online if you’ve run out of credit, and get a loan in your time of need with just a click of a button! You’ll come back to the App time and again to check your usage details that are further divided into ‘internet,’ ‘social media,’ ‘on-net mins,’ ‘off-net mins’ and more, keep track of your resources and usage history as well as be aware of which bundles are trending all over Pakistan!

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My Zong App not only caters to your needs, but offers a great deal in the Entertainment section, and you’ll always be notified when something new and exciting is happening!

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Here’s a list of all the services and features available on the App

  • Create and manage your own Profile
  • Choose language: English, Urdu, and Chinese
  • Check Zong Balance and its expiry date
  • Keep track of bundles you have activated and their usage details
  • Get Zong Advance Loan
  • Activate from a range of bundles for Prepaid and Postpaid customers
  • Activate from a range of bundles for MBB devices and Internet SIMs
  • Check Usage history
  • Get updates on new bundles that can be accessed through the Notification Tab
  • Shop online for 4G mobiles & MBB devices
  • Access Entertainment including Online TV, Theatre & and Games
  • Fill out a range of Feedback surveys catered to your needs
  • Customer support channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Live Chat 24/7
  • Video tutorials, FAQs and Zong Helpline

In Zong Packages 2021 You can View Full Detail of All New and Updated Packages.


Are you worried to remember All codes of Packages? So don’t worry! Zong Packages 2021 provide you with brand new Zong Packages of 2021 with an easy Activate, Deactivate and Check Status Button.   Zong Merchandising program by Nexus Promotions Services Private Limited.  

The purpose of Zong Merchandising application is to promote zong offers and packages throughout the country by pasting the POSM on shops like (mobile shops, PCO’s, easy load shops, one load shops, non-conventional shops, general stores, kariyana shops). This application is for merchandisers only…   Zong merchandising application contains Survey form  Locations Pictures with time and date Name of shop Name of the shopkeeper Contact number of shop owner Shop type according to SOP City.  

This app is designed and developed by adverts on(The complete software solutions) with the correspondence of NEXUS Promotions Services Pvt Ltd.   Important: Zong name is copyright to Zong. This app is in no way affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Zong, Inc. We are not responsible for any kind of re-usage of any media downloaded by the user.

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