What Does Smite Do in Minecraft

Minecraft charm may carry a weapon to new levels and the enchantment of Smite is very useful in order to enhance damage.

What Does Smite Do in Minecraft
What Does Smite Do in Minecraft

Minecraft gives players many different ways of getting stronger between making new weapons and gear, producing potions, and enchanting articles. Enchantment especially allows players to specialize in certain sorts of threats and may be quite beneficial for those who know what to do in advance. One such instance is the Smite enchantment, as it is highly specialized yet in that situation incredibly strong. Players wondering what exactly it does and how to get it need look no further, as putting high-level Smite enchantments on weapons is actually relatively easy.

What is Smite in Minecraft?

The Smite enchantment is fairly straightforward and is used as a buff for the damage dealt. More precisely, smite increases the damage inflicted on the undead mobs. Smite enchantment has five stages and only swords and axes may be added. Every new level up the damage by 2,5 after the first stage, which may be fatal.

In Minecraft, there are several fallen mobs, and it is easy to forget who is classified as undead exactly. There are the following lists of undead mobs:

  • Skeletons
  • Zombies
  • Zombie Villagers
  • Husks
  • Phantoms
  • The Drowned
  • Zoglins
  • Wither
  • Wither Skeletons
  • Zombie Piglins
  • Skeleton Horses
  • Zombie Horses
  • Strays

They need to have an enchanting table before the player does any enchanting. These may be created by Minecraft players, with four obsidians, two diamonds, and a book. Once the enchanting table is placed, players would like the bookshelves to surround it since this enhances the degree of enchantment they may produce.

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How to Use Smite in Minecraft

Using an enchantment table, Smite applied to the sword or axe. The players will need four blocks of obsidian and 2 diamonds and 1 book to make an enchanting table in Minecraft. The higher your level, the better the enchants you may obtain, so lesser attachments may be available earlier. You can also boost your enchantments by placing a bookshop near the enchanting table with a buffer space of one block. To get the best pleasures, you will need to create a total bookshelf of 15.


Damage in each hit


WeaponBase damageSmite ISmite IISmite IIISmite IVSmite V
Wooden sword4 (6)6.5 (8.5)9 (11)11.5 (13.5)14 (16)16.5 (18.5)
Gold sword4 (6)6.5 (8.5)9 (11)11.5 (13.5)14 (16)16.5 (18.5)
Stone sword5 (7.5)7.5 (10)10 (12.5)12.5 (15)15 (17.5)17.5 (20)
Iron sword6 (9)8.5 (11.5)11 (14)13.5 (16.5)16 (19)18.5 (21.5)
Diamond sword7 (10.5)9.5 (13)12 (15.5)14.5 (18)17 (20.5)19.5 (23)
Netherite sword8 (12)10.5 (14.5)13 (17)15.5 (19.5)18 (22)20.5 (24.5)


WeaponBase damageSmite ISmite IISmite IIISmite IVSmite V
Wooden axe7 (10.5)9.5 (13)12 (15.5)14.5 (18)17 (20.5)19.5 (23)
Gold axe7 (10.5)9.5 (13)12 (15.5)14.5 (18)17 (20.5)19.5 (23)
Stone axe9 (13.5)11.5 (16)14 (18.5)16.5 (21)19 (23.5)21.5 (26)
Iron axe9 (13.5)11.5 (16)14 (18.5)16.5 (21)19 (23.5)21.5 (26)
Diamond axe9 (13.5)11.5 (16)14 (18.5)16.5 (21)19 (23.5)21.5 (26)
Netherite axe10 (15)12.5 (17.5)15 (20)17.5 (22.5)20 (25)22.5 (27.5)

Smite is a magic weapon, meaning that only swords and axes may be applied. Every level that is on a gun boosts its damage by 2.5 (or 1.25 hearts), however, this damage is only used when an undead mob is attacked. Since Minecraft has quite a few of them, usually this is not a bad compromise. The sharpness of pleasure increases damage to everything by 1.5 every level, which means that Smite is a bit better when faced with the undead. This enchantment will affect skeletons, zombies, zombie villagers, withers, wither skeletons, zombified piggins, skeleton horses, zombie horses, strays, husks, phantoms, drowned, and zoglins.

How to remove smite in Minecraft?

If it’s Smite, Bane of Arthropods, or Sharpness, you can replace them with each other as you can only have one at a time on a sword.

Sharpness Vs Smite in Minecraft

Smite and Sharpness are both incredibly essential enchantments for your main swords since both of them enhance the weapon’s damage. As you already know that you cannot use Smite and Sharpness on a single blade. So, which one of them is better?

We know the damage that Smite does from the table above, now let’s have a look at how sharpness stacks up:

  • Sharpness l: Add on 1 additional damage.
  • Sharpness ll: Add on 1.5 additional damage.
  • Sharpness lll: Add on 2 additional damage.
  • Sharpness lV: Add on 2.5 additional damage.
  • Sharpness V: Add on 3 additional damage.

The enchantment with Smite is able to reach level 5, with Smite V applied to a weapon, it damages undead enemies by an extra 12.25. This means, for the good of the comparison, that a Wooden Sword with Smite V should do more damage without enchantments on undead than a Netherite Sword. From there it is easy to understand how useful this charm is. It is important to notice that Smite and Sharpness could be placed on the same blade or axis as enchantments on weapons such as these exclude each other.

Players can enchant the Smite by enchanting the enchanting table with a sword or an axis. The player and some Lapis Lazuli will bear the cost, however, it’s still a random task what the joys are. If you’re fully wrapped with your lovely bookshelves by the player, you’ll be able to have Smite V straight from the enchanting table.

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