How to Make Concrete in Minecraft: White and Black Powder Dye

Concrete Minecraft blocks may really shine your next excellent creation. If you wonder how to make concrete from powder in Minecraft or find out more about the recipe and the colors that you may use, we have covered you. Concrete in Minecraft is a colorful and strong building material. It gives each project you do in your game the advantage of this option. The best thing is that the material can be made in a wide range of colors, not just like wool.

How to Make Concrete in Powder Minecraft
In this article, we’ll give you a detailed guide on making concrete in Minecraft.

Minecraft concrete offers a staggering 16 color option, from granite powder to orange, black, and even pink, unlike many blocks in the game! You may customize your buildings with whatever color you choose as long as you have the required dyes. The concrete offers the player not only a wide various color modification options, but it is also rather durable.

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It is a decent step up from the stone blocks, however, it will not beat the toughness of a single brick-made building. Whether you want to add a little color to your next project in a building or you just want to build something easy in a cool seed, the Minecraft concrete can do it.

How to Make Concrete In Minecraft

First, you’ll need to create concrete powder to build concrete in Minecraft. Sand, gravel, and coloring of your choice must be found. Fortunately, these are quite easy to buy and most of them can be found at the start of every new world.

how to make concrete in minecraft
how to make concrete in Minecraft

Go either on sand or beaches to sandy biomes for sand, and rivers, ocean, and underground mines for gravel to get your hands on gravel and sand.

Concrete Powder Minecraft Recipe

Once you’ve obtained the ingredients above, here’s what you need to combine to make concrete powder:

  • Four pieces of sand.
  • Four pieces of gravel.
  • One dye (any color of your choosing).
  • Once you’ve gathered those materials, place them in the order shown in the picture below. If done correctly, you should now have eight pieces of concrete powder in your inventory!
Creating concrete powder is a simple process in Minecraft.
Creating concrete powder is a simple process in Minecraft.

How to Make Concrete Slab in Minecraft

Unfortunately, you still can’t build concrete slabs on the game. You’re only restricted to concrete blocks in the current edition of Minecraft. With regard to the plates, the following materials are part of your choices:

  • Oak
  • Spruce
  • Acacia
  • Birch
  • Stone
  • Cobblestone

How to Get Concrete Blocks in Minecraft

Now that you’ve got your concrete powder on hand, you’ll need to turn it into concrete blocks! Follow these steps:

  • Obtain concrete powder. Our how-to above will help you get it in no time.
  • Once you’ve acquired the powder, simply find a natural body of water on the map.
  • Submerge the blocks in the water, or right alongside it.
  • After doing so, the concrete will turn from a pixelated pattern to a solid color (depending on the one that you choose to make).
  • That’s it – you can now take that concrete and build with it where you like!
Making white dye can provide you with some fantastic building opportunities.
Making white dye can provide you with some fantastic building opportunities.

It’s important to note that water can not be sourced from rain, bottles, or cauldrons. In reality, there will be no effect on concrete powder from these sources. As a result, you may often find a river or ocean nearby in which the blocks are placed.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft 1.14

Perhaps the quickest way to make concrete in Minecraft 1.14 is to use a command. For example, if you want to spawn a grey concrete block on your Mac or PC, this is the command you’d need to enter:

/give @p grey_concrete 1

Once the command is activated, you’ll get your block of grey concrete.

How to Make White Concrete in Minecraft

Holding on to white teeth is also rather simple to produce white concrete. You can utilize two things available in Minecraft so follow these steps and you’ll have white concrete powder ready for concrete in no time! Follow the following steps:

  • Turn bones into bone meal through the crafting window by killing the like of skeletons.
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  • The Valley Lily may also be used by the players to make a coloring that is found only in the rare forest biome of Flower.
  • Repeat the concrete powder recipe steps using one of the two above items and you’re going to build some white concrete!

How to Get Black Concrete in Minecraft

One of the most popular colors for concrete in Minecraft is the black dye, and obtaining the ingredients necessary to make it requires the help of some underwater friends:

  • Find squid located throughout many of the game’s biomes and bodies of water such as oceans and rivers.
  • Kill the squid.
  • After killing it, you’ll receive an Ink Sac.
  • Repeat the steps listed above for the concrete powder recipe, but place the Ink Sac in the center.

That’s it! You’ll know have some cool-looking black concrete powder to help you build your next structure.

Grey Concrete Recipe in Minecraft

To get your hands on Grey concrete, you’ll need to combine the above-mentioned ingredients for both white and black dyes: Bone Meal, and Ink Sacs.

  • Obtain Ink Sacs and Bone Meal by killing squid and skeletons found throughout the world.
  • Combine these two items within the crafting window.
  • Repeat the steps listed above for the concrete powder recipe, but place the grey dye in the center.

Now that you know how to make concrete in Minecraft alongside blocks and dyes, you’ll be able to add even more style to your future builds!

What Are the Different Types of Cement Blocks?

The term Minecraft uses for cement blocks is concrete powder blocks. Depending on their color, there are as many as 16 types of concrete powder. For instance, you can craft purple, red, blue, or even lime concrete powder blocks.

Where Can You Find Concrete in Minecraft?

In your environment, you can’t find concrete. Concrete will instead develop in the exact location where you placed concrete powder after making and combining it with water.

Showcase Your Building Prowess

In Minecraft, learning this ability opens the door to many construction choices, even as concrete blocks are necessary aspects. You may create amazing roofs and towers of which you are proudly using this material. You just have to get the supplies and pick on the perfect hue – the rest of the processes will be a short one.

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