BabyFace.S CCTV Video

Tiktok of Babyface has reportedly passed away — WHO IS BABYFACE.S AND WHAT DO THEY DO? Babyface.s, better known as Swavy, a popular American dance video maker on Tiktok, was slain in a gunshot Monday near the 700 block of Elbert Place, according to unconfirmed reports on multiple social media networks. We’ll update you as soon as we learn more about the death.

Many people were shocked to learn of Swavy’s death. Messages of condolences filled his social media accounts. Simultaneously, his close pals discussed his personality as they reflected on their friendship. His family has not published an official statement as of yet.


Matima Miller, also known as Babyface.s Tiktoker, was born in Wilmington, Delaware, on December 26, 2002.

TikToker, Babyface’s namesake account, was most known for releasing short dancing videos. He also responds to numerous tweets and has over 2.1 million followers on Twitter.

Stackupquan, Babyface’s brother, is also a well-known Tiktoker.

In the year 2020, he debuted on TikTok. In a video with over 180,000 views, he also danced to a sound created on TikTok by the legendary YvnggPrince.

BabyFace.S CCTV Video
Baby Face S death

Damaury continued: “I literally just texted him everything on Instagram before this. Literally, probably right before it happened. It happened this morning.” As the video progressed, Damaury admitted he was going to miss Swavy.

Swavy’s death was also confirmed by Destiny. She took to her Instagram stories and wrote: “I love you sm to the moon and back.” She also posted a video of them together and wrote: “I just need a hug from you one more time.”



Several fans rushed to pay tribute to the star after they found out about his death. One user wrote: “Yo this sh*t crazy I was just watching Swavy on TikTok last night and he was gone this morning that’s really sad for the ppl that need him.”

Another added: “Nah what happen to Babyface Swavy? he was literally one of my fav TikTok kids.” Fans also paid tribute is TikTok as one user wrote: “Literally can’t believe we have to say RIP to you bruh. I can’t right now.”

BabyFace.S Death Video

After 24 hours video will be posted. Because it was not allowed to post by police. We will take permission and then.

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Though he has various social media accounts, he is widely notable on Tiktok. Babyface.s Tiktok dance video to a sound made famous by YvnggPrine has been viewed more than 180, 000 times.

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