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Clueless about Corona Virus? What to do? Check if you’re infected? Ask Rehbar.

Punjab Government has taken a range of measures to fight the onslaught of Coronavirus including the deployment of innovative tools to arm its citizens in the war against Corona.

Designed by Punjab IT Board (PITB), Rehbar is Punjab’s first voice chatbot created to help the 100 million citizens of Punjab in getting updated information about different government departments and services. It will initially only respond to Corona related queries but will grow and mature with time to answer all the common queries about different government departments and services.

Rehbar listens to you and can speak and respond to your queries. It can guide you in the right direction, save you precious time and resources. Rehbar does not tire or get bored. It is completely devoted to you.

Rehbar is easy to use and the users can get information by simply talking to it. Rehbar uses the latest language technologies to understand your speech and can respond in the Urdu Language. Rehbar will soon be context-aware and will give you the most relevant information.

We envisage a future where Rehbar will be helping the citizens with authentic information and suggestions during all kinds of calamities and emergencies in addition to routine services

Pakistan Citizen Portal – An integrated citizens grievance redressal system

Pakistan Citizen Portal is an integrated citizens grievance redressal system connecting all government organizations both at federal and provincial levels. The system will serve as carrier of complaints to their respective offices across all over Pakistan. Eventually, the citizen feedback will be linked to an officer’s performance and promotion. The App will serve as complementary channel between citizen and government.


Rahbar is an electronic prescription with videos for stroke patients going home.

Rahbar is an electronic prescription app consisting of 42 videos for stroke survivors and their caregivers. It was developed through evidence-based research and clinical testing at the Aga Khan University.  The app aims to enable caregivers to provide improved care to stroke patients at home in regions where there is a dearth of doctors and nurses and also to prepare them for emergencies.

The educational videos contain information that cover topics like what a stroke is; rehabilitation skills; safe swallowing and language; understanding the purpose of medications and how they function; and prevention of further stroke through adoption of lifestyle changes.

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