Walee Latest Android Application – How To Earn Money Online

Become a Walee & start earning.

Influencers and Affiliates have unique personas and genres that appeal to their followers, and so share relevant products, services and messages.  Walee connects them with businesses targeting the same audiences. Through  collaborations, Influencers and Affiliates can monetize  their professional and social circles, while businesses can efficiently scale sales.

Businesses : Regardless of size, businesses can be Walees to thousands of influencers and affiliates by providing them collaboration opportunities
1. Translate passion and expertise into marketable products
2. Design opportunities to scale sales
3. Build brands and audiences for sustainable growth

Affiliates and Influencers : Affiliates are Walees to their followers by connecting them with their preferred brands and products
1. Locate incredible and in-demand products to promote online
2. Select from a wide range of quality products
3. Get paid on-time, every-time

Look in the world in an unforgettable way because your world is your game now.
Join the next generation of augmented reality gaming & social messaging app and merge your imagination with reality. Dream and explore rewards anywhere through your personal mobile.

Do you feel like technology is taking over your social life and all your time get wasted? But no more JEETO PAISA connects you to your surroundings through Augmented Reality. We have invented a new way for people to earn and socialize based on Augmented Reality. Our technology will help you look in the world in an unforgettable way.
Play in your language English, Urdu and Punjabi. Other languages to be launched soon! This game will always be available in your language, for you.
🔍 Explore World: Go out and find hidden treasure and real money in real world and leave your mark on the world by interacting with reward points.
With Jeeto Paisa your real and fantasy world will merge to form the ultimate Augmented Reality gaming experience, as it will convert the outdoors into treasure hunt playgrounds. 
All this will be done to a scale that each one of you will have a personalized Augmented Reality World where you will be able to see lost treasure boxes and challenges while playing and competing with friends and family.

Enjoy the pakistan cash

Pakistan real cash app is made for pakistani people for some free cash you can earn into your jazzcash , easypesa account directly.

just enjoy our app give us positive rating if you have any issue regarding this app or suggestion you can connect us by whatsapp and fb page easily.

This app  is 110% paid app, one app for earning free cash in just easily and simple way.


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