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Studying is fast and easy with video games!

Studying is fast and easy with video games!

With TeleSchool you can study in an easy, fast and fun way with video games, you can create educational videos, participate in educational projects of your class and your school and earn money for copyright.

Imparting Quality Education

Online Study Zone is a result of continuous and rigorous efforts of research in the field of education. The sole aim of this portal is to impart quality education to students.

 We have a plethora course comprising online study material, exercises, worksheets, video lectures and test series on our website as well as app.

In the development of this portal, we have left no stone unturned and made use of our more than two decades of experience in the field of education. Students these days face two major problems while opting their mode of education – Quality and Quantity. Online Study Zone has a collection of copious and authentic study material with an aim of improving the performance of students in their respective fields.

Secondly it is also targeted to save student’s time and energy by providing ample study material and video lectures of renowned teachers on a single platform.

 This will allow the student to access quality education by just sitting in their home. Moreover this platform is made with an aim of providing the most

economic mode of preparation required to clear most of the academic and competitive exams as well. Thus overall Online Study Zone is Student Friendly in terms of Cost, Quality and Quantity.
What do we provide?

We provide ample amount of Test Series for the evaluation of student’s preparation regarding most of the academic and competitive examinations.

 Online Study Zone also provides  students a collection of notes of various subjects needed for fulfilling their aim of securing higher marks. Apart from that it also gives access to the students to our video lectures library. 


What are the benefits of joining us?

Online Study Zone provides a cost effective method of assessing one’s preparation. We provide:

          –  Free and paid notes
          –  Video Lectures
          –  Test Series

We provide online computer education for getting started with courses and skills that will help you to be better at whatever you do.

Internet is everywhere these days and our courses are provided from internet, Why go to any classes when you can start your study from anywhere.

You can start learning at your convenience at anytime – while traveling, when you are free, in breaks so you can utilize your time well.

No matter if you are a slow learner or you grasp everything so fast. We are suitable for you, because you can learn at your convenient speed.

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