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Complete Muslim Package with Quran, Qibla, Prayer Times with all Islamic values.
Islam 360 is a beautiful app contains Ayah and Dua of the day. It has Quran with urdu translation and audio translation.It has Duas, Hadith, Qibla directions and Salah timings for you in this one app.
Ayah of the day
This app provides facility for busy Muslims who wants an easier, more accessible way to build a Quran memorization habit in their daily life and achieve their memorization goals better and easier.
Start memorizing the Quran today! Just one ayah at a time. This app is focused around its widget which will allows users to go through the Quran one Ayah at a time. It includes meanings for all verses. Users can choose a chapter and start memorizing by this app.
Dua of the day
This app will help Muslims of all ages to learn, memorize, and recite different supplications for daily life and other occasions. These Translation, Audio Recitation, and Transliteration features are greatly useful in knowing the actual meaning, recitation, and pronunciation of these daily Duas.
Quran with urdu translation
Urdu Quran is a smart and beautiful android application, which is intended for Urdu speaking people offering an easy to use interface with Urdu Translation, Transliteration, and Audio (MP3) Recitation of all Surahs of the full Quran Kareem
• Urdu Translation: Helps in understanding the concepts better and revelations of Quran by interpreting the meaning of Arabic language in Urdu language
• Audio Recitation: Lets one listen to the complete narration (Qiraat al Quran) of all Chapters in MP3
• Transliteration: Makes pronunciation of Arabic text easy with its similar reading option in English
Duas of all books is brought together in this application. It covers everydays situations and basic human necessities and needs. It also include special problem and maladies faced by human and provides relief in a simplest way, at the same time keeping within the limits of religious Islamic law.
This completely free application contains all of Al-Nawawi’s 42 hadiths. Its purpose is to aid in the memorization of these hadith. This is done using continuous audio repetition of hadith. You may either have the entire hadith repeat continuously or you may use the audio controls to jump between different segments of any selected hadith of your choice. The selected segment will highlight and repeat indefinitely. Full English translation is also provided for all hadiths
Qibla Direcion is a Smart feature of this application that helps Muslim android users around the world in finding the exact Qibla (قبلة‎‎) firection and also gives exact Azan and Namaz timings to make them offer prayers regularly and easily on time
• Calculate accurate distance of Qibla from your current place in both Kilometers and degrees. 
• Choose Multiple Qibla Dials present in multiple designs
• Multiple languages are included like English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch, Malay, Indonesian, Italian, Thai etc.
• Know the accurate prayers timings at anywhere in the world
• Use Salat/Salah Timing facet for the accurate Salat/Salah occasions of all five daily offering of prayers
• Automatically be notified about Salat timing through Adhan Reminders offered in many voices (Feature in Tone Settings)
Salah/salat timings
Prayer (Namaz) is one of the most important pillar of Islam and the most significant act of worship which has to be performed by every male and female Muslim five times in a day. Keeping in mind the importance of this supreme act of worship and to make Muslim Ummah aware about the timings of each and every Prayer (Namaz) we have put all our effort in this app to make you punctual for every Namaz.

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