How to charge mobile fastly – increase mobile battery timing

Fast Charging 2020 is the fastest battery charger & battery optimizer app ! 
Fast charging battery App 2020
Get fastest battery charger ever with amazing ultra-fast charging facilities.
Ultra-fast charger : super charging 2020 help to fast charging your device, reduce battery charging time and extend battery life. Battery charger for android is available with an adaptive fast battery charging which can minimize phone battery charging problems. 
Some chargers takes lot of time to charge mobile so battery charger 2020 is here for you, it will kill the background running apps and battery draining apps, adjust the phone brightness and other phone optimized setting to make charging process fast.
Battery charger fast or fast charger pro is an optimize phone performance and battery charging to reduce battery charging time that save your time and energy. Fast charger battery master is the solution of all battery draining problems.
 It will control battery charger limit and with the power of battery charger fast speed with its fast charger pro features. Just download this high speed fast charger or fast charger battery master and charge your mobile fast and quick
Rapid fast charging is the fast charger in the world and it is an ultimate fast charger application which will kill all the 
background battery consuming apps. When you connect you phone with fast charger battery master than fast charging mode will active and kill all the background running apps automatically.
How to charge your battery fast
It will clean the RAM and kill all the background applications automatically.
Fast charger 2020 Functions:
★ Super Fast Charger is not only faster but also extend the life of the battery.
★ Show battery basic information such as: battery temperature, battery voltage, battery health, battery technology…
★ Beautifully designed and easy to use.
★ Show information about Ram, CPU your phone.
★ Optimize battery
★ The app is free forever!
Support devices: Samsung galaxy, Sony, Lenovo, Oppo, Asus, LG, Huawei, Nexus, Tablet, Xaomi, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, LG G4, G5, V10, Nexus 5x, 6P, Xperia Z4, Z5 Compact,Note 5, Galaxy s8 plus, Galaxy S7…..
Get it now for free to charge your mobile phone with fast charger pro

Extra Battery is an AD FREE powerful battery saver and fast charger

Features: Saving mode, Sleep mode saving and customized saving. Save battery when you need it with a single tap.

Fast charger: Fast charge your android battery, just plugg in charging device and fast charging automatically starts.

Junk Cleaner: Cleans junk files that take up space on your phone. Junk cleaner does not delete your stored files, images, videos, music etc. Only junk files get deleted.

Phone cooler: Phone temperature high? Cool it down with a single tap.

This powerful battery saver & fast charger extends your phones life so there’s no more unnecessary interruptions. Plug in charging device and fast charging automatically starts.

Never worry if your phone is going to last until the end of day or not. This app has many tricks to conserve energy and lets  you squeeze in those last minute messages. It has even the bonus of keeping your phone cool and cleaning out junk files that take up space.

Now your phone can keep up with your busy life. It’s a easy as downloading this app.

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