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Mobile tracker makes your life easy in location tracking world by making it easy to get connected with your friends and family and share location with this mobile app.
Mobile tracker makes your cell phone safe from getting lost and make easy for you to reach at your phone location.

Main features of this Location Tracker:

  1. • View your current location with GPS Tracker
  2. • Track your own lost phone 
  3. • Share “real time location” with your family and friends 
  4. • You can change map to satellite view
  5. • You can also see street view with this mobile app
  6. • Mobile tracker also provide notification sending feature, you can send message anytime free of cost to your family or friend with just internet connection with this phone locator.
Mobile App provides “user friendly” interface and location tracking with map, also optimized for battery usage. Your privacy will be protected with your password in this Location tracker.
Your privacy is our top concern, the app requires too little permission to protect your privacy. The only needed permissions are to perform the main app function about location tracking and contacts permission for account sign up.
How to use it to locate kid’s phone
  1. . Install the app and register using your phone number
  2. . Inside the App tap the send invitation button and select any number of your kids.
That’s it! Once your child follows the invitation link and accepts the request both of you will be connected to each other in a private network so you can locate them in every location.
This app is not a spying or secret surveillance solution and the app can not be installed remotely or secretly. To join this service the user has to install the app himself and he has to accept the location sharing request. The user can stop tracking at any time by a single tap.
Imagine a perfect world without hassle and hurry. Is it hard for you? It’s because every day you try to keep the pieces of the family together. 
Note: any service based on GPS just works fine when the GPS is enabled on the device. So don’t forget to check the GPS location settings. Mobile Tracker  can find a mobile phone by cell phone tower signal too, but only GPS technology can give you an accurate phone location.
Granted phones are required to be set for each module, so not everyone can control the device. However, if someone fakes his phone number he is able to use all enabled modules. (Note that this might be a complicated and illegal procedure. Moreover also common antitheft apps like avast trust the sender’s phone number.
Install Mobile Tracker on a device, which should be controlled via sms messages. Then you can send control commands from any phone (if granted in app) and with any sms messenger.
Several device functionalities can be monitored and controlled like GPS location, hotspot, wifi, camera and many more.

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