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This is the best live streaming app. It is so much fun. used to be my favorite, but it started going down hill before I knew it. This app has so many more people and especially females. Finally a place that doesn’t have many guys and there are even some fun little games to play as well

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Connect, interact and broadcast around the world! Experience the most popular video social media!

Millions of people around the world gather here! Let the world know what you are thinking, seeing and feeling!

20- It’s very nice to follow the different anchors but to be honest I’m still new here and don’t know the mechanics of how I can participate actively. Thanks for very entertaining shows. Congrats to the different ladies who make the men really react actively every chance they have.. ?

【Sharing on Social media】

*Share your epic live streaming highlights or everyday snapshots on the Facebook, Twitter…are just one click away.

【Non-stop ultra entertaining live shows】

*Millions of talented broadcasters, passionate dancers, music prodigies, fierce talk show hosts, big eaters, comedians, etc. Excellent entertainment galore!

【Short videos/ replay the great show】

*Record short looping videos. Never miss a live streaming by your favorite star!(′▽`〃)

【Connect with people】

*Uplive broadcasters and users around the world take part in their favorite live show right in the chatroom. With millions of gorgeous people by your side, you will never get bored. The big wide world is your playground!

So much fun where do I begin?!! You can battle other hosts, have a 9 chair broadcast where you and 8 others can talk face to face, you can find so many amazing people from all around the world. Everyone’s so friendly and helpful! And Staff are actually active!

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