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Vani personal assistant 

Answer all your incoming calls without touching the screen. Try Vani Now 👍🤘👌

Vani allows you to handle your daily incoming calls using voice commands.
You can also customize your own words.
Like – Hello, Sorry, Good Bye, Shut up, Hola etc.

Answer incoming calls without touching the screen while your hands are busy or driving in your car.Vani is capable of speaking out the caller name and by voice recognition, you can choose to answer or reject the call.

Download vani apk 

Choose your favorite theme, live wallpapers or add your own photo.
Grant the permissions required and You are All Set!So next time, Whenever your phone rings, you just have to say “Yes” to pick up the call right after the ringtone (caller name)

Protect yourself from spam and anonymous phone calls with our caller ID feature.
Caller ID – Call blocker function gives you an option to block unknown or spam callers. You can update the database of spam calls in Call Block List. Never get harassed by spam calls.


How this works

 this app allow you to you pick call by just speaking yes download this app and install after this open application and set

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