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Free Calls and SMS:  

free calls app
Free Calls & SMS
Globfone the new way to talk, text and share, for free! globfone allows you to make unlimited free phone calls, send free text messages to any phone number. Calls and texts between globfone users are entirely free. The globfone app also gives you 2nd line, a real phone number for calling and SMS messaging. Globfone messsages aren’t traditional SMS. They give them a call “SMS lite.” Frequently occasions your recipient will get the written text message onto their phone, view it on the application, and can discover that the content won’t save for their mailbox.
One factor to notice about Globfone calling is: when the person you call is roaming, he/she’ll be billed standard roaming costs.Go into the number together with your key pad or even the pad on the internet page. Then press the Eco-friendly Phone Button. You might be needed to go in the verification code in to the area prior to making calls or typing messages, please go into the code meticulously.

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Based on the service developers, to prevent abuse, there is an upper limit to the number of free calls and SMSes available to a single IP address during a 24 hour period. When this limit is reached, the user is alerted of the same and requested to wait another 24 hours before trying to use our free services again. Further, there is a call time cap that is call specific and visible when you’re ready to place your call. As you seen, based on the user feedback, the allowed phone time might be quite limited to the certain destinations.


Free Text & Calls:
free sms
free calls
Globfone is a website that allows users to make calls and send texts for free directly from the website. It’s completely free. Globfone makes money through donors and advertisers so they can provide their free services.
A nice thing about Globfone is you don’t need to register. You don’t need to download anything either. All their services are offered without these common steps.

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Free Calls

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