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5 Worst mistakes to avoid on YouTube

common mistakes for youtubers
5 common youtube mistakes

Have you have ever wondered why your YouTube videos are not getting enough views? It´s not just not enough to create and post the videos on YouTube and expect them to go viral by themselves.

You may get a lot of advice on how to be successful on YouTube, but it´s equally important to keep in mind the worst mistakes you can potentially make on YouTube, especially when you are new.

Here are 5 worst mistakes you need to avoid


1: Inconsistency in posting videos on YouTube:
When there is inconsistency in your postings, you will lose the interest from your subscribers. Hence, schedule your video postings at regular intervals.

2: Posting bad quality Videos:
Whether your video or audio quality is bad, you will never get subscribers to your channel by posting such videos. It will give a very bad impression to your audience about you and your brand.

3: Not Interacting with your audience:

If you don’t engage or interact with your audience, you will lose their interest in you channel and they will not anticipate your upcoming videos.

4: Not Paying Attention to detail:
Before your audience can view your videos, there are three important things that will catch their attention: Title, Description and Thumbnails. If they are not attractive enough and look boring your videos will never be viewed.

5: Not sharing your YouTube on other social media channels:

If you think you can promote your videos on YouTube itself. Then you are doing a big mistake. You need to create buzz on other social media channels to bring in the audience from outside the YouTube network.

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